Do You Have Driving Anxiety?

Author: Eliza Brown

Only in recent years, i found myself being able to drive freely without feeling Driving anxiety to some extent. However, most of my life, highway driving anxiety was a HUGE problem for me.

Not so long ago, it was absolutely impossible for me to be on a freeway and not have a panic attack at some point, when someone was trying to bypass me. I drove strictly on the right lane, and the whole experience was extremely uncomfortable. I even felt uneasy sitting in the passenger seat and i was always jealous of the person next to me driving so calmly and happily freely passing other vehicles. Continue reading

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Treating driving anxiety originating from criticism and past failures

Marie, age 29, actually does hold a driving license, but has never really used it for anything, Marie started learning how to drive at the end of high school, and since she was relatively young for her age group the majority of her friends had already begun learning to drive before her, so by the time she was learning she had already heard much about the difficulty of driving tests and she has seen many of her friends already fail the test. As a result, when Marie took her first driving test after many lessons, she came to it with very high anxiety levels, and found herself doing mistakes she would not normally do during lessons. She failed the test, and the anxiousness and fear only grew from test to test – she made mistakes, cried, and was shaking nearly the whole time. She was about to give up on the whole thing, but with her family’s encouragement she persisted, and eventually passed on the 8th try. Continue reading

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Causes of Driving anxiety

Author: Ines Margulio

The two major causes of driving anxiety are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and driving phobia. Many drivers with driving anxiety symptoms when asked about the reason for their anxiety, often shared the same response “I‘m just afraid of driving…”. PTSD regarding driving can often occur after an individual has been involved in a major accident or has witnessed one which had an impact on him.

Some of the common driving anxiety symptoms are dizziness, light-headidness, rapid heart rate and often a panic attack. Driving anxiety is one of the common causes of road Continue reading

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How I overcame my fear of driving

Author: Eddy warta

I was never a big risk taker; I wasn’t one of those kids you see all the time who seem to not understand the concept of getting hurt, always running straight into danger smiling and laughing. But I was usually a pretty calm and normal child, EXCEPT when it came to cars… I always had this subtle fear of driving. I would drive around with my parents a lot with this feeling of uneasiness, always looking at the road waiting for the accident to happen. Continue reading

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Driving Anxiety – 5 Tips To Stop A Panic Attack While Driving

Author: Ken Hugh

I have a confession to make…I get really stressed out when I’m behind the wheel of a car. Well, that wasn’t much of a confession was it? Because most people get stressed out, worn thin, pushed to the brink, or whatever you want to call it, when driving. It happens. A couple of times I have even felt a rush of almost overwhelming fear and anxiety while diving in heavy traffic or sometimes when going over a long high bridge. What is that anyways? The answer is: it is driving anxiety – fear of driving – freeway phobia. It goes by a lot of different names but what it is, is a type of panic attack. Continue reading

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Fear of Driving and Automatic Negative Thoughts

Author: Rich Presta

The fear of driving is often complicated, if not caused by, the individuals’ automatic negative thoughts. These thoughts can be scary and irrational, such as the concern that they will veer into oncoming traffic or drive off a bridge, or they may be centered on the person’s physical feelings of anxiety such as a rapid heartbeat or dizziness. These thoughts are often described as the most bothersome symptom of driving anxiety and they can be the actual triggers for panic attacks while driving. Controlling these thoughts is critical to success in eliminating a driving phobia. Continue reading

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Reducing Fear of Driving With Proper Breathing

Author: Rich Presta

Those that experience anxiety, fear, or panic while driving often report an inability to breathe normally. They may have a feeling of being unable to take a deep breath, as if they’re throat or chest were closing in. They may find themselves gasping and gulping for air or with fears of having a heart attack or lung disorder. Fears of losing control may present themselves stemming from the inability to control one’s own breathing. All of these situations are common with the panic that ensues from a fear of driving and cause discomfort and more advanced symptoms, but none are physically dangerous. The goal in learning to breathe properly is not to prevent suffocation or any physical problem, which won’t occur anyway, but to prevent the uncomfortable sensations that result from breathing in this manner. Fortunately, these breathing difficulties can be remedied using simple techniques. Continue reading

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Conquer Your Fear Of Driving – Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Driving

Author: Sandy Rutherforde

The fear of driving is a form of phobia and it can cause a certain amount of problems for sufferers. For example, some people have problems driving on highways as they have difficulty merging into these high-speed lanes. Others have problems driving in heavy traffic and bridges because they feel trapped when traffic jams occurs. The problem does not end here as sufferers can also experience worrying symptoms such as dizziness, heart palpitations, excessive sweating and difficulty in breathing. Continue reading

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