Driving Anxiety Program

If you’re struggling with anxiety or fear while driving, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Driving Fear Program, the easy to use, affordable, and fully guaranteed self-help program specifically designed to help you overcome your driving anxiety and take back your freedom and confidence.

When someone has driving anxiety or phobia from certain situations they face on the road such as driving over bridges or a fear of highways, the first thing they want to know are the solutions available to overcome the anxiety. Understanding this, here’s a look at some of the possible directions to take in your quest to end your driving anxiety.

The first, and maybe most common step, is traditional therapy. With the right therapist who’s familiar with driving anxiety, this is a good choice, but could be an expensive and prolonged recovery.  With many therapists charging more than $100 an hour, you could easily spend thousands of dollars to attempt to overcome your fear of driving, with no guarantee of results.  It is also very time intensive, requiring you to travel to and from the therapists office (with driving anxiety that may even be more difficult), and spending multiple weeks and possibly months before seeing results.

As first stated, it also requires that the therapist has a background in treating a fear of driving, and unfortunately, that is a rare find.  There are many who treat general anxiety, but we believe that driving anxiety has unique factors not found in other phobias that require specialization.  Given the right therapist, enough time, and enough money, this can certainly be a good choice in overcoming your phobia since working together with a therapist can add value that alternative solutions don’t offer, such as accountability to actually do the practice, but in our opinion the negatives to this approach seem to outweigh the benefits except in extraordinary circumstances.

The Driving Fear Program is probably the most well known self-help program for the treatment of driving anxiety, and for good reason. It’s one of the very few programs that specializes in the fear of driving, it has both written AND professionally recorded audio components, an available print and CD version, and a TON of positive reviews and accolades from actual customers.

It was created by Rich Presta, who many consider the most recognized and respected name in driving anxiety treatment and has been seen in national publications such as Psy-chology Today magazine and Natural Health magazine, as well as on television on MSNBC and Discovery Health Channel. It also offers an iron clad 8 week money back guarantee so if for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply let the Driving Fear team know and you’ll be given a prompt, no hassles, and courteous refund of your purchase price. Of course the level of support isn’t as individual as it would be with traditional therapy, but for the convenience of being able to work in your own home at your own pace, for less than a decent dinner for 2, with a complete money back guarantee, it’s a great choice that we’ve seen A LOT of people have success with.

There are also frequently bonuses offered along with the program, which are valuable in and of themselves and tie very nicely into the program as wonderful companions for your recovery.


We advise you stay away from any program or plan that claims to cure your anxiety in  a few minutes or days, or that focuses strictly on hypnosis audio. We’ve simply never heard of ANYONE being successful with these solutions, and many being disappointed.