Causes of Driving anxiety

Author: Ines Margulio

The two major causes of driving anxiety are Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and driving phobia. Many drivers with driving anxiety symptoms when asked about the reason for their anxiety, often shared the same response “I‘m just afraid of driving…”. PTSD regarding driving can often occur after an individual has been involved in a major accident or has witnessed one which had an impact on him.

Some of the common driving anxiety symptoms are dizziness, light-headidness, rapid heart rate and often a panic attack. Driving anxiety is one of the common causes of road accidents as many drivers often lost control of their vehicles under panic attack. The first thing a driver needs to overcome driving anxiety is to get rid of driving fear. A driver may start with asking a question, “Why is it I’m afraid of driving?” to identify the cause of driving fear. Is it about driving at Highways, over bridges or in the night?

Some drivers often face with driving anxiety after experiencing a major car accident, while others simply don’t believe they are able to overcome. People with lower self confidence keep questioning their driving skills that become a cause of driving anxiety. Most of the time, drivers can overcome their fears and driving phobia by seeking help of a psychiatrist or a therapist but only if the real cause is identified. A therapist can help drivers to overcome their fears or can heal the emotional scars.

A driver needs to keep himself relaxed behind the wheel. Make sure to make yourself comfortable before you start driving by adjusting everything inside the car according to your comfort level. The more a driver is relaxed inside the car, the less are the chances of developing driving anxiety. Another way to keep you relaxed is to drive with a friend or family. If you are victim of driving anxiety, make sure to not to drive alone. Make sure to avoid all distractions like music, cell phones or any other distraction. If listening music makes a driver calm, make sure the volume is down to a comfortable level.

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